Covenant Membership

Become “Part Of The Body”

Choosing to become a member at Second Mile means this church is your spiritual home and community. 

Members of God's church are more than just attenders. We are brothers and sisters in Christ. The Bible describes the church as a body of Christ, and membership is a commitment to serve that body together to further the mission of Jesus in our city.

Members are people who place their hope for salvation in Jesus and choose to live connected and committed to their local church. They are people who give of their time, money, resources, gifts, skills, and talents. They take ownership of life as a part of God's church as both servants and leaders to help Second Mile be a healthy, missional body of believers.

Discover Second Mile

We want to make finding a church home as straightforward as possible. Our Discover Second Mile class provides the information needed to make an informed decision.

In this two-hour class, you’ll hear about our history, vision, core values, theology, leadership and mission. It is a great environment to ask questions and seek clarity from our leadership.

Our prayer is that after attending you will either want to continue to explore how to partner with Second Mile or you will know that who God has asked Second Mile to be doesn’t align with your objectives in finding a church home. After this class, the next step in the membership process is Walking the Second Mile.

Class dates and times are available on the Calendar/Events page

Walking the Second Mile

Walking the Second Mile is the next class in our membership process. The experience focuses on you as a part of something bigger than yourself. The body of Christ has different parts all working toward one goal; so we want to discuss personalities, strengths, and spiritual gifts to highlight the need for a variety of people to function together in the church.

In this two-hour class, we address questions like:

  • How do we identify and utilize the Holy Spirit’s gifting in our lives? 
  • How do we partner with one another, relying on each other, and encouraging the diversity of gifts in the family of God?
  • How do we live in obedience to our Heavenly Father with joy? 
  • How do we engage culture without conforming to culture? 
  • How do we break bread like Jesus, give like Jesus, and serve like Jesus?

This class will also explain the expectations of what it means to be a covenant member of Second Mile.

Class dates and times may be found on the Calendar/Events page.

Committing to Covenant

Signing the church covenant is the final membership step.

Our covenant is simply a promise by members to members to hold fast to one another in relationships, follow Biblical doctrine, and work towards the mission of seeing the gospel transform lives. It lays out the high degree of responsibility that members aspire to, as well as the obligations and responsibilities of the pastors as leaders and shepherds of this church.

After you attend Walking the Second Mile, you will have the opportunity to meet with a pastor to ask any further questions you have about this church. Then, you can sign a covenant to commit to membership at Second Mile.

Ready to meet with a pastor? Email