Music as Worship

The Bible often tells of people using songs to worship God. Second Mile sings together in our gatherings as a part of the long history of God’s followers celebrating what Jesus has done and the character of God with their voices.

We choose music from various sources: psalms from the Bible, hymns, songs from groups like Hillsong and Passion, and even original songs from our own Second Mile musicians. Our desire is for the words that we sing together to be sound in theology and centered on God, whenever and wherever they come from.

In our gatherings, we want people to feel comfortable to worship, so we try to avoid directing people or telling them what to do. We usually turn the lights out and let people stand, sing, clap, move around, sit where they are, or find a secluded spot to sit on the floor in silence or prayer.

How to Contribute

If you are a musician or vocalist who wants to join in the rotation, here is how it works.

The process will start with an audition with one or more of worship leaders (using two or three songs chosen by the leaders). This is so we can gauge how prospective musicians will best fit into the teams. There is also a simple application we include to learn about each potential musician’s salvation and spiritual journey. You can talk to one of the worship leaders about joining the team or you can contact them by email here.

We value regular attendance to our Sunday morning gatherings, as well as serving in the process of setup and teardown before and after the gatherings, in people who want to serve on the worship teams. We also ask that participants be involved with a community group. Each team member is also asked to commit to regular practice, both individually and as a team. Please speak with Angela DeSoto if you have any questions about any of these standards.