Who We Are

Core Values

We want to be a community of believers who radically amplifies Jesus by engaging and loving the people in our lives, the city where we live, and the world Jesus came to redeem. To do that, we have identified six core concepts that we value.


We are thankful that God lets us live in conversation with him. We embrace this gift of communication by voicing our hopes, fears, successes, failures, questions, thanks, and praise. By speaking these to God, we learn to trust him above our own abilities. We are thankful that God hears us, and that we see the power of a God who moves in response to people who look to him before looking to ourselves or our culture.

Every January, we spend a week praying and fasting as a community. View this year's Prayer Guide.


We believe that the best way to live is to submit our lives to God’s truth instead of personal agendas, religious rituals or cultural trends. We look to the Bible to know the truth of God’s redemptive relationship with humanity. We study scripture and listen to the Holy Spirit to live wisely, and we look to Jesus’ example of love and sacrifice to live transformed lives and take God’s truth out into the city we live in.


We follow Jesus together. We’re not in this alone. We hope and work for unity with the believers around us, which means we commit to do life together, encourage each other, forgive each other, and share with each other.

We also want good things for the community we live in. We work together to love and serve Tucson, and we pray that God will bless our city and that the gospel will transform lives here.


We believe that God wants us not only to know each other, but to pour our lives into the people around us. We make time to sharpen each other, to stir each other up to do good things, to process ideas and turn them into actions. We learn God’s word and use it to humbly teach, respectfully rebuke and correct, and help each other learn what it is to live in a way that pleases God.


Everything we do is worship. The gospel is always true, no matter our circumstances, so we want to always be thankful for Jesus. Wherever we find ourselves in the stories we live, whether celebrating or struggling, we know that we are free people who have been transformed because of what Jesus accomplished on the cross. We embrace that freedom and explore how we can simply, daily, or creatively proclaim what Jesus has done in our lives to people in our community.


It is our aim to outwardly live the authentic reality of redemption. We have been entrusted with a message of hope compelling us to take a step into the second mile. Each step toward cultivating others, in the truth of the gospel, brings glory to God who through Christ reconciled us to himself and gave us the ministry of reconciliation. As the church, we must influence with hearts that are filled with love, serve with hands filled with care, and engage the worldview of others with truth filled with grace.