Second Mile meets on Sunday mornings as a large group, but that is not the extent of community as we see it. We also meet during the week in smaller numbers in homes throughout Tucson. We call those community groups. They are usually made up of a dozen or so people who choose to spend time together, eat meals together, and talk through questions or thoughts on Chad’s messages from Sunday.

Community groups don’t only exist on that one weeknight, either. Community groups are how we support each other, weave our lives together, and stir each other up to join in God’s agenda together throughout the week.

If you want to connect with a community group, check out this list of groups to see when and where they meet.

The Phillips & The Camerons

Rosemont & Speedway Wednesdays @ 6:30 pm

We are a group of people who love to grow and challenge one another to move closer to knowing and understanding who Christ is in our lives. We weave ourselves into each others lives to reach hearts and develop the full sense of how God designed community. Living life together, discussing how God is moving through Chad's messages from Sunday, and pursuing righteous change in our lives are only the beginning to how we come alongside one another to support, love and truly invest in others. At community group we pray together, laugh together, share how God is moving in our lives, and just spend time living in conviviality.


The Anderellis & LePeaus

Kolb & 22nd Wednesdays @ 6:30 pm

As a team, we hope to see our group learn to abide in Jesus every day, both as individuals and as a community. We pursue this goal by coming together to break bread, read God’s word, pray, and teach and admonish one another. We want to meet each other where we are no matter what life stage, set of circumstances, or gifts sets, then challenge one another to press further into Jesus. We value deep belly laughs, good food, great conversation, and quality time with family. Join us Wednesday nights; we would love to see you and do life together.


Mitch & Suzie Gallaher

Speedway & Greasewood Tuesday @ 6:30 pm

Throughout our walk with Second Mile, we have been so surprised and amazed at how faithful God was in growing our faith through community. It is our hope to be a group that encourages vulnerability, engagement with scripture, meaningful friendship, and service as we learn to follow Jesus in practical, tangible ways. We believe God has called our group to pursue mission both locally and globally. We love people and look forward to filling our home with laughter, prayer, spirit-filled conversation, and lots of wonderful food!


Ben & Bonnie Bordner

Broadway & Tucson Wednesdays @ 6:30pm

Being southerners at heart, we absolutely love gathering together each week to provide the most hospitable environment we know how. With that being said, we can’t help but come to the table together at least once a month for some good home cookin’. Our hope is that our home can be a place that fosters deep, Christ-centered conversation, bonhomie, lots of laughter, and celebrating one another’s stories and unique personalities. Come join us on Wednesdays - we want to get to know you!


Chad & Angel Haynes

Tanque Verde & Pantano Wednesdays @ 6:30 pm

This group is for people who will drive discussion and dig into deep questions. Our lives may be full with families and careers, but we recognize the need to consistently carve out time to invest in each other so we can know how to pray, ask, and advise. We show up to sharpen our theology and cultivate each other as influencers.



Grant & Craycroft Wednesdays @ 6:30 pm

Join us each Wednesday as we pursue wisdom, joy, conviviality, and laughter while delving into the deep truth of God's Word. It is our desire to cultivate an authentic, vibrant, and loving community. Our group consists of families and singles. Anyone is welcome! We look forward each week to breaking bread together, and monthly we share a meal with each other. Hospitality is a core value. Please come join us!


Brad & Katie Southard

Pima and Country Club Thursdays @ 6:30 pm

Our group is all about living life together. We love experiencing the Sunday gathering and discussing Chad's message on Thursday night, but we are also interested in how we live that out the rest of the week. We are committed to walking through the valleys together and we are definitely willing to celebrate the victories. We desire to first pursue Jesus Christ and His word as a way to challenge each other towards spiritual growth and maturity. Let's face it, our lives are busy and often complicated but one thing is for certain: together is always better. Each week we value the opportunity to be vulnerable about our lives and pray together, have great discussion, be challenged, and simply enjoy community.


Joshua & Jenna Schaa

Grant & Craycroft Tuesdays @ 6:30

Join us as we share our lives with intention and vulnerability through shared meals, family time, and exploring God’s word together. We hope to speak truth into each other’s lives by digging deep into scripture together as we discuss the Sunday message. We believe Jesus has the power to transform lives and want to work out our faith with our children, with one another, and through community.


David & Brittany Gouge

Campbell & 6th St. Thursday @ 6:30 pm

As third culture transplants, we love to open our home, pause for tea, slow down and talk awhile. We thrive on having good friends from every walk of life, creative pursuits, spontaneous dinners, meaningful conversation, and laughing with our kids. We hope to provide a safe place where we intentionally and patiently practice the ‘one-anothers’ of Scripture. Striving to love one another in truth, we celebrate the victories and help each other through the difficulties. As a community built around a shared love for Jesus, we seek a richer integration of God’s word into all areas of our lives.


Carter & Nicky Wingate

Irvington & Houghton Mondays @ 6:00 pm

We have a passion for serving others by supporting them in growing closer in their walk with Jesus and with each other in community. We desire to create a safe space to sharpen each other and share in life together. It's important to us to grow in our capacity to serve each other within Second Mile, the community of Tucson, and those around us.


Vessel College Group

Swan & Fort Lowell Tuesdays @ 6:30 pm

Our group is for college students who are ready to become more like Christ and to integrate into the Second Mile community. We hope to provide a hospitable environment with home-cooked meals and deep conversation. Our goal is to cultivate college students to be mature in their faith, purposeful in their walk, and ready for what God has next.